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Listen - Serve - Protect

I have dedicated the last five plus years to serving as one of your County Commissioners. I have served with unwavering commitment and integrity. My deep-rooted dedication to our community is reflected in my pragmatic and sensible solutions to the challenges we face together. As an advocate for fiscal responsibility, I have managed our taxpayer dollars with meticulous care, ensuring that we enhance our county services without placing more burden on the citizens' finances.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I stood against the widespread shutdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, making it publicly known that I did not agree with these measures. I ensured that all county employees had a choice in these health matters, affirming that nothing would be mandatory for them. This stance was rooted in my belief in personal responsibility and freedom, principles that guide all my decisions.
I firmly support ensuring that our local law enforcement and emergency services are well-funded and equipped to meet the demands of our growing county. My decisions are guided by conservative values, focusing on accountability, community safety, and preserving the cherished way of life we enjoy here in Kootenai County. I stand for the values that keep Kootenai County strong—integrity, responsibility, property rights, and conservative stewardship.
With your support, I will continue to champion policies that respect our taxpayers and build a brighter, more secure future for all of us.
I respectfully and humbly request your vote to continue serving you as your County Commissioner, District 3—because Kootenai County deserves effective and dedicated leadership.

Like you, I love Kootenai County and the people who call it home.

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9030 N. Hess St 125 Hayden, ID 83835

208 274 3933

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