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A Necessary Mention 

The Central Committee has stood behind me and worked hard to get me elected against my Democrat opponent both in 2018 and 2022. They share the values that we hold dear. They uphold the Idaho State Republican Platform. They know their neighbors and work to keep you informed. Please see the list of who will continue to work for you and uphold traditional Republican values.


The below have gone above and beyond in helping me connect with you, my constituents and I want to give them special recognition, not diminishing the wonderful work the rest of the Central Committee is doing.


Charles Barnhard 201

Melanie Vander Feer 203

Richard Meyer 207

Pierce Duncan 303

Anita Dupzyk 308

Luke Sommer 310

Tamara Bateson 313

Sandy White 318

Terri Seymour 402

Barbara Heddon 405

Bjorn Handeen 414

Marjorie Desgrosseilliers 415

Elisha Toews 417

Richard Price 418

Don Eichler 513

Jeff Tyler 520

Doug Balija 521

Michelle Grossglauser 522

Please Consider Voting For Them

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