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A Conservative Perspective on ARPA and Kootenai County's Prudent Decision

Updated: May 16

In the realm of governance, the interplay between federal funding and local administration often presents a complex landscape fraught with both opportunity and obligation. As your incumbent county commissioner, I am compelled to shed light on the intricacies surrounding the acceptance and utilization of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds within Kootenai County. It is a decision not taken lightly, especially given the conservative values we stand for, which prioritize fiscal responsibility, limited government, and the safeguarding of taxpayer interests.

Understanding Federal Funds: A Necessary Evil?

Federal funds, while beneficial in bolstering local infrastructure and services, invariably come with "strings attached" concerning their use and reporting. It's a reality we must navigate with caution, ensuring that while we harness these resources, we do not compromise on our principles. The only avenues through which the federal government can disburse these funds are through taxation or printing more money—the latter a form of future taxation. In Kootenai County, we've historically accepted federal funds for public transportation (FTA), airport operations (FAA), and various sheriff's department needs. Each of these decisions was made with a thorough understanding of the implications and a commitment to use these funds judiciously.

ARPA Funds: A Decision Rooted in Prudence

When ARPA funds were initially made available, there existed a plethora of uncertainties. Recognizing the potential impact of these funds, Kootenai County convened an ARPA task force, comprising select employees, counsel, and two elected officials—the Clerk and Treasurer. This team's diligence, coupled with insights from legal experts, revealed that the conditions tied to ARPA funds were not more burdensome than those we had already navigated with FTA and FAA funds.

Rejecting these funds would not only forgo an opportunity to alleviate local fiscal burdens but also risk seeing these resources deployed elsewhere, potentially in support of agendas contrary to our values. Instead, by accepting ARPA funds, we can directly benefit Kootenai County residents, mitigate property tax pressures, and fund critical projects without undue reporting hardships or engaging in programs that conflict with our constitutional values.

Leveraging ARPA for Kootenai County's Urgent Needs

Among the pressing needs facing our county is the capacity of our judicial facilities. Our justice services, strained under the weight of a case backlog exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing challenges, have outgrown their current confines. Kootenai County, serving a population deserving of swift and fair justice, has 17 judges but was operating with only four jury trial courtrooms.

Utilizing ARPA funds, we embarked on the Justice Center Expansion, adding three additional jury trial courtrooms. This expansion is not just a physical extension of our facilities; it represents a commitment to enhancing our criminal justice system's efficiency, addressing jail overcrowding, and ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of our community.

A Conservative Approach to Federal Funding

The decision to accept and utilize ARPA funds was not made in isolation or haste. It was a calculated move, grounded in a conservative approach that values fiscal prudence, community welfare, and the safeguarding of our constitutional rights. As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by federal funding, let us remain united in our commitment to ensuring that every decision made is in the best interest of Kootenai County and reflective of the principles that guide us.

I extend my gratitude for the trust you have placed in me as your county commissioner. Together, we will continue to steward our resources wisely, uphold our values, and work tirelessly for the prosperity and security of Kootenai County.

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Feb 14

I voted for you and continue to be disappointed in the decision’s you’ve made on “OUR” behalf.

Feb 24
Replying to

Elaborate on the decisions you are so upset about? How can you get answers to your concerns with such a broad statement that literally holds no meaning when you can't even say what it is you disagree with.

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