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Addressing the Fairgrounds Discussion

As a public servant dedicated to the best interests of Kootenai County, I believe in transparent communication and thoughtful consideration of all options for the betterment of our community.

Recently, there have been accusations suggesting that I am advocating for the sale or relocation of the Kootenai County Fairgrounds that would cost the taxpayers millions. I would like to clarify my position and the context in which this discussion took place.

In 2019, when discussing where to put the Justice Center expansion, the fairgrounds, which are adjacent to the Kootenai County Jail, were part of a broader conversation. The Fairgrounds encompass 80+ acres, of which approximately 10 were unused. I initially thought it would be prudent to consider utilizing this unused portion for the new Justice Center building. This idea stemmed from several practical considerations: the proximity to the jail, saving taxpayer dollars on inmate transport, and the reduced risk of escape during these transports, as all current inmates have to be transported from the jail to court downtown. The BOCC ultimately decided to locate the expansion downtown.

I am open to exploring any option that citizens bring to me regarding the future of county

services. What I will not do is make decisions that will hurt operations, even those at the

Fairgrounds. Any future ideas will have to be vetted by the community.

My commitment to Kootenai County is unwavering, and I am always interested in ideas that could improve our county's infrastructure and financial stewardship. I hope this clarification provides a better understanding of my position and the context in which the fairgrounds discussion took place. I remain dedicated to serving the people of Kootenai County with integrity and transparency.

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