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A Letter to Kootenai County About the Fair Grounds & My Background in Law Enforcement

Updated: 5 days ago

As your Kootenai County Commissioner, I have consistently dedicated myself to serving with transparency and integrity. My diverse background in law enforcement has been centered in administrative and investigative roles, which directly contribute to my effectiveness as a commissioner.

I have never claimed to have experience as a patrol officer.

Here is a brief overview of my experience:

- Senior Special Investigator II, Alcoholic Beverage Control, California: Conducted armed undercover and plain-clothed criminal investigations, specialized in the enforcement of alcoholic beverage laws.

- Reserve Police Officer – Acting Sergeant, Montebello Police Department, California: Engaged in uniformed and undercover details, including DUI checkpoints and dignitary protection.

In these roles, I facilitated collaboration between agencies such as LAPD, Oxnard, and Santa Barbara PDs, transforming previously strained relationships into cooperative partnerships through respect and effective communication. This experience in bridging divides and fostering cooperation has been invaluable in my role as commissioner, where complex operations and informed decision-making are crucial.

My work extends beyond the immediate responsibilities of my office. Throughout the state, I have been involved in initiatives that have brought about positive changes benefiting all Idaho residents. I connect dots that are often overlooked yet are crucial for the harmonious operation of our government departments.

I understand that the role of a commissioner does not involve making arrests or patrolling streets but requires overseeing and enhancing the quality of life for our community through thoughtful governance. In every capacity, whether administrative or on the ground, law enforcement officers—including reserve officers who often serve voluntarily—play a crucial part in maintaining public safety and order. My degree in Criminal Justice adds to the understanding of our justice system.

Regarding the fairgrounds, I have always approached my role as a commissioner with a commitment to listen and respond to the needs and proposals from all community members. When a constituent who asked to remain anonymous proposed doubling the size of the fairgrounds using donated land, I saw it as my duty to thoroughly evaluate this.

As a commissioner, my role is to facilitate discussions that consider the long-term benefits and implications for our community.

Doing my job has been used as a weapon to try to discredit me claiming these are my own gains and my intentions, which is false.

For those interested in the details of this, I have discussed this publicly and shared information on my Facebook page, encouraging community feedback.

It is essential to consider all ideas that could enhance our community's resources responsibly and sustainably. Listening to innovative proposals and evaluating their feasibility is a key part of serving effectively and openly.

As we continue to discuss and deliberate on the future of our county, I invite everyone to engage, ask questions, and participate. My door is always open for discussion, and I am committed to addressing any concerns with clarity and openness.


Leslie Duncan

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