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Press Release

COEUR d’ALENE, Idaho, January 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/

Strong advocate for Fiscal Accountability and Leadership in Local Government Announces Re-Election bid for Kootenai County Commissioner

Leslie Duncan (R) has announced that she will seek another term as Kootenai County Commissioner. Duncan (52) is a 23-year resident, married with two teenagers and has been serving as Commissioner since 2019. Duncan said she brings much needed perspectives to the county that impact local economy, county services and quality of life.

Duncan stated she consistently votes to preserve the rights of the citizens and holds local officials and departments accountable to respecting the rights of the citizens they all serve. Specifically, land use decisions that are allowed by law but opposed without merit. She brought forth a second amendment sanctuary county resolution to declare citizens' rights to protect themselves at the request of over two hundred constituents. She voted against Alternate Form of Government Study Commission due to the options allowed by Idaho Code take input and accountability away from the citizens, increase cronyism, and destroy checks and balances in county government that has lasted over 100 years.


When making decisions, she asks herself, “How does this hurt or help the individual citizen?” 

Her emphasis on improving county operations has led to more effective and efficient policies and procedures. “We should have a clear vision of how we accommodate growth within county operations for the next 20-30 years without expensive and ill-considered or reactive steps that only deal with the most severe problems.”

Examples: Process/procedure to allow the funeral homes to get paid for unclaimed bodies. HR policies for holiday time off, on call pay and others. Expenditure policy. Tax deeded property sale procedure. 


Duncan has voted against over regulation at the county level and testified before the State Legislature to prevent over regulation that impacts the services and quality of life in Kootenai County. Over regulation is an unnecessary or unsubstantiated rule that takes something away from the public. She voted against the excessive wake ordinance for the Spokane River. She testified against Public Defense Commission Rules and Property Tax Related Bills that did not provide tax relief but hurt counties’ ability to provide mandated services to the public.

Details of her qualifications, vision and mission statement, as well as links to announcements, notifications and online donation portals, can be found on her campaign website at

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